Tango Argentino un sentimiento que se baila ... 
                                                                                                                     de corazón a corazón


Born in Chile where they lived for more than 20 years until moving to the United States, they longed for their beautiful Valparaiso, Chile.  They quickly found a way to connect with their roots... Argentine tango became their passion and, being avid dancers, they quickly embraced   salon-style tango.  Many hours and dedication went into developing good technique, balance, musicality and connection.  Among their most  inspiring teachers are many maestros and seasoned milongueros from Buenos Aires.  They shared their knowledge, their wisdom and passion  for the dance.  

Their unique style is one of intimate connection, elegance and wit, emphasizing an important element in tango: the "heart to heart" dialogue through music.

Teresa & Juan Carlos can always be found at one of the many milongas in Philadelphia, Delaware, Washington, New York, Denver, Florida and Buenos Aires.  They perform at many events and are always eager to share their dance with their community.

When they get to dance in their beloved Chile... it is pure bliss!

Street in Valparaiso, Chile

Teresa & Juan Carlos

Milonga - "One of our favorite genres in tango, fun and playful."

"El Esquinazo", Quinteto Pirincho

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